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Mobile App

UniWorldCat application for mobile phones

On their Android phones to connect to the Internet, and then open the application "Market" (already pre-installed on all phones).

In the application, the search engine and click on the displayed application UniWorldCat.

Select "Set Free" and then "OK." The application will be installed on your phone, and then you can start to apply. Be sure to choose the options that the application can be automatically updated, because it is always assigned to the most recent version.

What makes mobile application UniWorldCat?

The mobile application is adapted to display the contents of a website on your mobile phone - for easier navigation and a better user experience. This gives the user all the information needed in the decision to purchase the product.

In addition to the basic options that are already available on the Internet, and offers:

Three ways in direct contact with trade (conversion to the online store, send an email, phone call)

  • History of search terms (which you use the following applications do not need to re-enter the same search terms)
  • Add item to favorites (for later viewing)
  • Show Map Stores
  • Search products by scanning barcodes (EAN)
  • Conditions for use of the application is that you have a cell phone with Android OS 2.1 + (). For other operating systems (Windows Phone, iPhone, ...), the application is still in development.

Why this app useful?

Use to search for products at any time, anywhere! The only requirement for use is connected to the Internet on your phone (Wi-Fi or mobile internet).

When you are in the store - pick up the phone and check the price of your product in other stores.

When you suddenly want for the product, and you want to immediately check what shops can be.

If you do not have anything to do (waiting for the bus, on the train, at home in front of the TV during commercials, ...), you can view the products that interest you.