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Data, information and applications on the web portal uniworldcat.com are available to users under the conditions and within the limits which are set out below.


Welcome to the web portal uniworldcat.com. Our mission - to help consumers before deciding to purchase a comparison of products within the same category each other and to be easier to find prices of individual products. Uniworldcat.com collects data on the sales program of the Slovenian majority of traders and publish them on its portal.


The content of the web portal does not represent any official information unless specifically stated otherwise. Data, information, and web applications that are available on or through the web portal www.uniworldcat.com  may change at any time without notice. Users use web portal at your own risk. Neither uniworldcat.com  nor other legal entities engaged in the manufacture or maintenance of a web portal shall not be liable for any damages, direct or indirect, that may result from access, use or inability to use data, information and applications on the web portal. The accuracy of the information provided by uniworldcat.com  obtained from other entities uniworldcat.com not guaranteed. Uniworldcat.com responsibility for any damage caused to users of this title is therefore completely excluded.


In certain areas of the web portal uniworldcat.com  gathers some identifying information about the user (name, address, telephone number, email address, ...). Users uniworldcat.com i provide information on a voluntary basis. Uniworldcat.com guarantees that will use this information for their own needs and will not be forwarded to third parties.

The users of the web portal

Any use of the web portal, which does not constitute normal use of the individual, is prohibited and constitutes economic damage will be reported to the relevant departments for prosecution. Normal use without the use of any software utilities (spiderjev script, ..) and in terms of the normal number of requests for access at a given time, where considered normal number of max. 2 request per second.

The users of the web portal can be anonymous or registered. Anonymous users may use free services (eg. Access to information about products, their state of stocks in a particular trade, prices, ...). Registered users to register to gain access to certain applications portal that unregistered users are not available. Registered users have the username and password attached to a person who has applied for a specific service. Username and password are required to protect as a business secret and should not be entrusted to another person. Registered users assume responsibility for all activities that are carried out with their username and password.

The users of the web portal should take into account the following factors:

  • that the database information system  - as a whole and as individual parts of the system - are protected in accordance with the Law on Copyright and Related Rights,
  • that the information in the online services is part of the databases within the meaning of the provisions of the Law on Copyright and Related Rights,
  • that the sign uniworldcat protected as a trademark or service in accordance with the Law on Industrial Property.

Law on Copyright and Related Rights provides, inter alia, that the user can simultaneously apply only insignificant parts of databases (qualitative and / or quantitative) or to the extent provided for in the context of Web applications available for anonymous or registered users. All other forms of further intervention or enabling the use of third parties (eg. The publication on the server of a third party or the user, the reproduction in other documents, etc.) Are expressly prohibited. This prohibition covers all uses, which go beyond their own use. In particular, the following practices are prohibited:

  • the use of significant parts (qualitative and / or quantitative) database (eg. the reproduction of the structure of databases, parts of the structure of databases, groups of records, etc.)
  • use of databases in conflict with their normal use or in a manner which might harm the interests of uniworldcat.com (eg. a systematic and repeated use of insignificant parts of databases, etc.)
  • capturing significant parts (qualitatively and / or quantitatively) databases with specific software solutions,
  • removal citing sources.

Using data and information from the web portal

None of the data or information from the web portal may not be used without permission uniworldcat.com commercial purposes. Data and information from the web portal may not be collected into any public or private database. Publications in other places, in whatever form, is not permitted if the individual data and information not explicitly stated. Data and information from the web portal user can be transferred to their systems for their own use, whereby they may not change copyright and other related rights. Permit printing data and information with the purpose of reading for its own or non-commercial purposes. Copying, forwarding, re-publication or modification of data and information, or send them by mail or distribute in any other way without prior written permission uniworldcat.com is prohibited.

Links to websites

Links to web portal or home page and / or each sub-pages is permitted only with the written consent Uniworldcat.com.

Pages Web Portal may contain links to other websites which are not maintained by uniworldcat.com. Therefore uniworldcat.com for the content of these sites is not responsible.

Accessibility Web Portal

Uniworldcat.com endeavor to ensure the smooth running of the users of the web portal - in normal conditions 24 hours a day. For technical reasons (for maintenance and / or replacement of equipment) you uniworldcat.com reserves the right to shorter downtime and disorders of the web portal access, normally after 20 hours.